This course is a Japanese language course for people learning Japanese for the first time.

If you pass all the tests in the ebook and collect ten badges while the class is running (June 20 - July 10), a course completion certificate will be issued. There are ten ebooks in all. You can start from any book you like, but joining in the community will enable you to study two ebooks a week consistently communicating with the teaching staff and co-learners.


担 当:OUJ-JF NS-A1 プロジェクトチーム(主担当 山田恒夫)

開講期間: 2015/8/20-2015/9/30

担 当: 放送大学 岡部洋一

開講期間: 2015/6/11-2015/7/15

担 当: 放送大学 岡部洋一

開講期間: 2015/6/11-8/5

担 当: 帝塚山大学 宇野隆夫


担 当: 帝塚山大学 日置慎治