Nihongo Starter the CLASS 7 Information

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▶ Organizer: Nihongo Starter Project Team
▶ Period: Nov. 9, 2015 to Dec. 20, 2015
▶ Target: People who are preparing to come to Japan to study but the content is genaral so it applies to anyone.
▶ Language: English

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The Facebook "Lounge" is open to participants for communication among learners and team staff. Post messages and comments only concerning Nihongo Starter and Japanese language learning. Share your knowledge and experience with us!

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 Learning Procedures

"The Nihongo Starter" consists of 10 e-Books in all. When you pass the online test of each book, you will get an completion badge. If you get all 10 badges, a certified completion badge will be issued. You can share your questions and information, and learn with the community members while in session.

Some essences of CLASS 7

  1. The online course for the starter (A1) level of Japanese language learning
    The course, consisted of ten lessons, is based on JF Standard for Japanese-Language Education. The syllabus is same as those of CLASS 1,2,3,4,5 and 6. [JF: The Japan Foundation]
  2. Content delivery and communications
    Learn in eBook-style or Web-style content and communicate with staffs and peers on SNSs. We use a couple of delivery channels / formats for course materials. Please choose one you like. We also prepare for a couple of pages and forums on the SNS.
  3. Five-weeks course
    Two lesson will be scheduled every week. We will show their location (that is, URL) of our course materials until the noon of each Thursday in JST.
  4. The course materials are only in English but communicate in your languages on SNS (limited languages only)
    The official language of "NIHONGO STARTER” course is English. Only English version of e-books (online course materials) is available. However, we also prepare for other language groups (bulletin boards) for the limited number of languages. At the starting, Spanish and Arabic will be available.
  5. Get badges
    Your achievements will be assured with digital badges (free).

Let's study Japanese with us!

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